About us

Advantage Informatics is a full service media vendor providing content, design and the creation of special sections and projects for all manner of media outlets across the country.

Advantage Informatics serves publishers.

While our headquarters is in Chicago, we work from anywhere in the world at any time. By utilizing game changing publishing technology and a wide net of remote freelance reporters we streamline content and newspaper production.

Our proprietary content production processes enable us to provide standardized editorial services allowing publishers to properly allocate expenses and put their resources where they will have the most impact.

As a testament to our success over the past decade we’ve developed partnerships with some of the biggest names in the publishing world.

The Perfect Match

Across the country today’s newsrooms are smaller than those of even a decade ago. The average workload on a single journalist has increased while overall production and revenues have decreased. It is now more difficult for media organizations to provide the full service the communities they serve desire. Are you ready for help?